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Jan 19 @ Evansville
Jan 20 @ Evansville
Jan 21 vs Huntsville
Jan 26 @ Fayetteville
Jan 27 @ Roanoke
Feb 2 vs Fayetteville
Feb 3 vs Fayetteville
Feb 8 @ Evansville
Feb 9 vs Peoria
Feb 10 vs Peoria
Feb 13 vs Pensacola
Feb 16 @ Macon

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As You Walk Through the Door, Your Hearts Starts Pumping! The irresistible lure of HOCKEY and the buzz of a packed house causes your ADRENALIN to surge. The music is PUMPING, the lights fade and the smoke swirls – and that’s just the beginning. Monster hits, UNBELIEVABLE GOALS and in-your-face hockey keeps you on the edge of your seat. The action is NON-STOP! With heart pounding music, contests, and the prospect of catching a fantastic FREE SOUVENIR, what are you waiting for? Build your team’s SPIRIT by sharing in ours. It’s an EXPERIENCE to remember.

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